Thursday, March 18

Treasury Thursday

Tonight, I bring you some treasuries that are not only beautiful, but are helping me relax because they remind me of sunshine, spring, warmer weather, the beach, drinking wine and enjoying the blue blue afternoon sky.  If you're an Etsy-er, leave these folks some click & comment love. Both the curators and the sellers deserve it!

1) "Sunsine," curated by Nancy Wallis Designs, is just that-- a little bit of bright peeking through the clouds on this peculiarly cloudy day in Long Beach. The bright yellow is such an eye-catching, pop of color; it makes me want to buy some sunflowers for the dining room.

2) "This Love is Silent," curated by Lesha's Workshop, not only has a lovely & poetic title, but it reminds me of an afternoon picnic in a winery, reading Shakespearean sonnets and watching the sun slowly set. Mmmmm. 

3) "Get on board!," curated by Le Chou Chou (love that name), has one of my favorite themes right now-- nautical! I love the primary colors, the stripes, the simplicity, the vintage nature, the bold graphics, and perhaps most of all, the fact that it reminds me the ocean is just a short jaunt away and I should go enjoy it! Ahoy!

4) Finally, "Golden Teal," curated by Kate & Company Jewelry Designs, is the perfect combination of spring colors-- light aqua & dusty yellow. Makes me excited for dress season, birdies chirping, flowers blooming, and iced green tea. Pure loveliness.


  1. You've collected such a bunch of pretties here, wow!
    I'm glad these lists are saved and enjoyed a little longer than the ususal 2 or 3 days they're up on Etsy.. Thanks again Katecojewelry for having my earrings in your mix, I love your collection!

    Groet, Simone

  2. Beautiful collections! I'm so glad to be a part of one of them :)

  3. Oh, yay! These are all so pretty, and I was lucky to be featured in one, too. Thanks for showing it here! :)

  4. Great selection of treasuries! There are such talented Etsians out there!

  5. lovely! very spring inspiring. thanks for brightening up my morning!

  6. Such beautiful treasuries. Thank you for posting my sunshine treasury with such great company!!

  7. You have good taste, girl!
    Thank you very much for including my T :D

  8. I don't think you can ever have enough sunshine and Nancy displayed it perfectly. Thanks for letting the light shine on all these beautiful collections a while longer.

  9. Beautiful blog... Thanks so much for including my "bumble bee" necklace :)

  10. Jessie, these are just lovely!! Thank you SO much for including my photography! :)



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