Wednesday, November 3

Giveaway via Yellow Press Weddings

I'm honored to be part of a giveaway on the lovely new blog Yellow Press Weddings. Marni and Kayla's posts are always stylish, unique, and they have the greatest wedding ideas. I'm basically obsessed.

How to enter to win a $25.00 gift certificate:
First, become a follower of the Yellow Press Weddings blog. After that you have up to three separate opportunities to enter:
1. Visit my shop. Go back to the Yellowpress post and comment on your favorite item.
2. Blog about this giveaway! Go back to the Yellowpress post  and comment with the link to your post.
3. Tweet this giveaway! Go back to the Yellowpress post  and comment with the link to your tweet. (Please tag tweets with @yellowpresswed so we can track them).

Thursday, September 30

Where Good Ideas Come From

"With Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson pairs the insight of his bestselling Everything Bad Is Good for You and the dazzling erudition of The Ghost Map and The Invention of Air to address an urgent and universal question: What sparks the flash of brilliance? How does groundbreaking innovation happen? Answering in his infectious, culturally omnivorous style, using his fluency in fields from neurobiology to popular culture, Johnson provides the complete, exciting, and encouraging story of how we generate the ideas that push our careers, our lives, our society, and our culture forward."

And in a completely contradictory, but still interesting, view, good old John Cleese & his talk from the 2009 Creativity World Forum in Germany:

Which seems right to you? How do you get your creative juices flowing? When do you realize an idea in its entirety?

Sunday, August 8

Etsy Spotlight: Salvage Life

I've been a fan of Salvage Life Vintage on Etsy for a long time now. The curation of clothing, jewelry and accessories is just fabulous. But, there are some especially fun items that store owner Beth has been repurposing-- altering them from their original, sometimes unloved or forgotten, states, and giving them new, fresh, fashionable life!

Headbands made from bow ties.
Skirts, shortened and embellished with bows!

Beth graciously answered a few questions for me regarding her recent projects.

A little bit about you? 
I live in lovely Long Beach, California with my husband and one year old daughter. I spend my days at home with my daughter Ruby and together we run Salvage Life from a tiny breakfast nook in my 1923 bungalow. I have a BA in Merchandising and Design from Cal State Long Beach. 
What inspired you to start repurposing vintage pieces? 
I try to look at everything in life through the lens of potential. "What else could this be?" is a question I like to ask if something just isn't working in it's current form. A lot of what I sell isn't altered and it doesn't need altering, but sometimes I run across an item or category that needs a little face lift. My philosophy is to leave quality pieces alone, so I only alter things that are less than 20 years old or have damage of some sort. The backs of the bow ties used for the headbands were damaged and the skirts are from the 90's to the present. 
Do you have any tips for picking pieces to repurpose?
  1. Don't destroy the value ~ Many vintage clothing pieces have value that lasts beyond the current season, so don't cut something up that is in perfectly good condition.
  2. Leave the sewing to the professionals ~ If you know how to sew well, then reconstruction will be a lot easier, but if you don't there are lots of seamstresses out there who can do it for you.
  3. Imagine within reason ~ think of all the things a garment could be become and then balance that with what's in style and what looks good on your body.
Thanks, Beth! I didn't even realize until now that we are Long Beach neighbors. It's just a great area for vintage finds.

Lastly, here's one more fun resource that can be found on Beth's blog, a video on how to properly select vintage clothing for your wardrobe! 

LA Renegade Craft Fair

This is a bit late, but I thought I should still post about how much fun the Renegade Craft Fair at the Los Angeles State Historic Park (which I honestly didn't know existed) was. It took place on July 24 & 25. A bit hot, but so many fantastically talented sellers. Craft fairs are always inspiring, both for sellers & wanderers! Got some goodies, at some yummy crepes, had a blast. Here are some highlights.

The boyfriend and I keeping shady in the sun! 

Adorable plushie letters from lepetiteelefant

I love dinosaurs! These cuties are from a tiny little bit's store.

Ain't it the truth? SEIBEI's hilarious shirts.

Squid Ink Kollective's shirts rule--            People (and dogs) staying cool
the bf has narwhal on a segway :)           & enjoying the free photo booth!
Urban Craft Center of LA's crafty booth     I covet all of Berkley Illustration's work

Kata Golda's cute display

Inspiration: Reminders

Some inspiration for today: reminders. We all need them, sometimes. Whether we're down, or not.  They may come in small packages, or large. Intentional, or unintentional.  Hope this inspires you. (Click the + for the source.)

Saturday, August 7

The New Inspirational Poster

So we've all seen the traditional gag-worthy inspirational posters with the word in all caps below the oh-so-inspiring photo plus tagline (and all of the parody versions that make fun of them). But, the sentiment is nice.  I think the new trend of quote-themed art prints is a brilliant replacement. Anyone who has seen my quote blog, Seed of Wonder, knows that I'm a quote addict. Quick bits of wisdom from some of the greatest writers and thinkers? Yes, please.

Here are some of my favorites currently on Etsy. I covet all of them, but the books print is already hanging on my wall! Not only are the quotes inspiring reminders of how to live life for the better, the details are beautiful to look at! Any room would be lucky to have them.

"Wild Air" print by The Wheatfield      Abe Lincoln print by Mary Kate McDevitt

Morrissey print by The Black Apple       Jefferson Airplane Rock Blox by SuzannaAnna 

Embroidery Hoop Decor

Here's a fun art project and an inexpensive way to deck-out a blank wall: fill embroidery hoops with fabric. If I had more wall space in my apartment, I would definitely do this!  Not only can you hang them straight on the wall in whatever size and shape combo you like, you can also hang them from the ceiling or make cork boards (see below).

Source unknown. Know it?                            From craftster

Monday, August 2

Mad about "Mad Men"

My latest Etsy treasury! Check it out here, and leave comment love.  I am enjoying the new season so much, even after just 2 episodes. The show just gets better and better. I really respect show creator Matt Weiner for staying so true to the time period!  

I'm even on a 60s fashion and music kick (probably along with the rest of the fans). I just want to be Joan Holloway (er, Harris). Is that too much to ask? 

Wednesday, July 21

Book Worm Treasury

Feeling bookish tonight. Here is the latest treasury. Check it out here! Click to give some love to the sellers & help them get featured. Alright, off to read before bed. How appropriate, no?

Tuesday, July 20

Recipe: Warm Goat Cheese Salad

Tried out a new recipe tonight (inspired by one my best friends mom cooked for us in San Jose, once). It's SO EASY and it turned out delicious. I'm definitely making this one again.

Warm Goat Cheese Salad

  • Spring mix salad (or greens of your choice)
  • Goat cheese log(s)
  • Eggs
  • Breadcrumbs (I seasoned mine with pepper, Italian spices and garlic)
  • Any other veggies you like
  • Cut the goat cheese log into rounds
  • Dip the round in egg
  • Dip the round in breadcrumbs
  • (You can repeat the last 2 steps for a thicker crust on the cheese)
  • Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to solidify
  • Put rounds on a baking sheet, with a thin coat of olive oil, and cook at 425 for 8-10 minutes (until sizzling).

Here's the finished product, served with some fresh strawberries! YUM!

Friday, July 16

Artist Spotlight: Alphonse Mucha

Alright, so he's old history. But, as I didn't have much art history in college, I have developed a love affair with Art Nouveau, specifically the works of Mucha. The Czech artist was known primarily for his depictions of women in the flowing, delicate, nature-infused nouveau style. His advertisements, both for products and the theatre, are certainly my favorites.

Mucha started painting theatrical scenery and doing mural work, and transitioned into producing magazine and advertising illustrations, after moving to Paris in 1887. His first mega-success was a poster for the play Gismonda starring the well-loved Sarah Bernhardt.  This poster did much to spark the nouveau movement. After a successful career as an ad-man, he spent many years working on his Magnum Opus, The Slav Epic, twenty huge paintings that are fascinating and depict the history of the Czech and Slavic people.  I'd be happy to have any of Mucha's work framed on my wall-- the detail is endless.

Here it is, July 23, and Google has dedicated their main page to Mucha's 150th birthday! 

Thursday, July 15

Treasury Thursday

Here are some Etsy treasuries that I'm loving this week. 

First, "We go together," curated by Dusty Drawers, who has an ephemera/vintage-inspired jewelry shop that is just as sweet.  I love the theme of pairings and doubles-- so simple, but so poignant. The muted colors are gorgeous, as well. 

Second, "This American Farm," curated by Vint Condition (such a fun & clever store name!). This treasury sets such a mood and era. Reminds me of the Dustbowl, or at least of my last trip through the midwest.

Third, this "1. 2. 3." treasury curated by Candy Crack Creations (check out all the cool key necklaces) is just such a fun concept. Reminds me of those desktop calendars made from photos of numbers, and of cutting up magazines and pasting words together when I was little (no, not for ransom notes!)

Finally, "Retro Kitchen Love" is the mood I've been in lately-- a style I'd love to have in my own kitchen-- is curated by Cookbook Addict. How appropriate! Check out all her vintage cookbooks for sale; so nostalgic. 

Thanks to the wonderful goods from all the sellers and the great design eyes of all the curators! 

Tuesday, July 13

I took a plane, I took a train...

My treasury for today, inspired by world travel and New Pornographers lyrics. Check it out here. Click, comment and give love to awesome sellers.

Monday, June 28

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Treasury in honor of the upcoming trip on Wednesday! Click the link and check out all these amazing Etsy sellers.


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