Saturday, August 7

The New Inspirational Poster

So we've all seen the traditional gag-worthy inspirational posters with the word in all caps below the oh-so-inspiring photo plus tagline (and all of the parody versions that make fun of them). But, the sentiment is nice.  I think the new trend of quote-themed art prints is a brilliant replacement. Anyone who has seen my quote blog, Seed of Wonder, knows that I'm a quote addict. Quick bits of wisdom from some of the greatest writers and thinkers? Yes, please.

Here are some of my favorites currently on Etsy. I covet all of them, but the books print is already hanging on my wall! Not only are the quotes inspiring reminders of how to live life for the better, the details are beautiful to look at! Any room would be lucky to have them.

"Wild Air" print by The Wheatfield      Abe Lincoln print by Mary Kate McDevitt

Morrissey print by The Black Apple       Jefferson Airplane Rock Blox by SuzannaAnna 

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