Thursday, July 15

Treasury Thursday

Here are some Etsy treasuries that I'm loving this week. 

First, "We go together," curated by Dusty Drawers, who has an ephemera/vintage-inspired jewelry shop that is just as sweet.  I love the theme of pairings and doubles-- so simple, but so poignant. The muted colors are gorgeous, as well. 

Second, "This American Farm," curated by Vint Condition (such a fun & clever store name!). This treasury sets such a mood and era. Reminds me of the Dustbowl, or at least of my last trip through the midwest.

Third, this "1. 2. 3." treasury curated by Candy Crack Creations (check out all the cool key necklaces) is just such a fun concept. Reminds me of those desktop calendars made from photos of numbers, and of cutting up magazines and pasting words together when I was little (no, not for ransom notes!)

Finally, "Retro Kitchen Love" is the mood I've been in lately-- a style I'd love to have in my own kitchen-- is curated by Cookbook Addict. How appropriate! Check out all her vintage cookbooks for sale; so nostalgic. 

Thanks to the wonderful goods from all the sellers and the great design eyes of all the curators! 


  1. Oh these are so pretty! Thanks for including This American Farm, I love that one too!

  2. Thanks so much for including my treasury!! How unbelievably sweet! I have strong hopes for a FP, hehe.

    And, my husband was pleased to know that you liked my shop name. It was his contribution to my endeavor. ;)

  3. Thanks for including me (within Retro 50's kitchen love!)
    Your blog is super cute!

  4. Love it! Thanks so much for showing my work!!

  5. You have great taste :) Thanks so much for including my towels!



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